Cosmetic dentistry

We have a wide range of restorative materials that provide the best results through minimally invasive dentistry.
  • • Whitening
  • • Composite restorations
  • • Veneers
  • • Perfect smile design
  • • Crowns delivered the same day.


We have a wide range of options to achieve your dental health. We offer various alternatives ranging from less invasive removable options to “All on fours “ or dentures over dental implants, our removable options include partial or complete with the choice of these being metal-free or metallic.

Orthodontic treatment

As part of the orthodontic treatment we help our patients to correct dental position problems, as well as to acquire a greater balance, harmony and aesthetic both dental and facial. We provide orthodontic treatments in their different prescriptions: conventional self-ligating and aesthetic brackets.

Dental implants

Designed to be a permanent tooth replacement placed into the void left in the jaw by a missing or extracted tooth. Acts as an artificial tooth.

Periodontics (Gum-Disease)

Dentistry specialty focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease that affects the gums, root cement, alveolar bone and weakens the supporting tissues of the teeth. We also offer cosmetic gum surgery and optimal smile design and bone grafts..

Pediatric dentistry

In this area we focus on your children’s oral health in all of their stages of growth, from birth to their teenage years. We provide preventive and restorative treatments when the caries has affected more of the tooth structures.

Oral surgery
Oral surgery

Surgical procedure performed on the mouth with specific regard to the teeth (Wisdom tooth) and/or gums


Procedure involving treatment of the soft inner tissue found within a tooth, otherwise known as the pulp or nerve.

Laser Therapy Dentistry

Introducing Laser Therapy a modern solution to aid our patients healing process after their periodontal treatment and several other treatments that involve the gums. Additionally, Laser therapy is an innovative approach for used in Smile Design and surgeries.

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